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[i received one dress for purposes of review; opinions good or bad are 100% mine.]

in case you aren't familiar with eshakti, it is an online clothing retailer that provides fit and style customization. this is a great option for those who are shorter or taller than average, have a longer or shorter torso, or anything else that makes you special! for me, it's my height. everything is too long for my 5'-2" frame. you can also purchase standard sizes without any customization.

every item starts with a base, like this palm print maxi dress below. i loved the tropical print but felt it would be overwhelming for my height as a maxi dress. so...some customization was in order. i took the length to just above my knees and shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length. i also entered all of my measurements to get a more customized fit.

the result is below.

the dress turned out exactly as i ordered. the new length and shorter sleeves make the dress more wearable. it is also lined, so it has a nice weight to it, and the pockets are an added bonus!

looking at the original dress and my dress...what do you think? would you take advantage of a customization service like this? let me know in the comments!

in case you missed it:


memorial day weekend in photos.

hope everyone enjoyed the long memorial day weekend if you had it. with schools out, we've been busy with graduation season, so this long weekend was much needed to recoup and relax.

to start off the weekend, i met up with long time blog friend, laura! we've been online friends and pen pals since 2010, and when she said she was coming to hawaii, i knew we'd have to meet. we met for dinner at piggy smalls and chatted about anything and everything while enjoying yummy food and drinks.

lap cheong crusted opah.
'milk & honey'
laura (formerly of the blog of worldy delights) and ben started a great new blog about mid-west living. keep up with them here:

view from the hawaii convention center

went to watch my niece's dance competition at the hawaii convention center. on the first night, she took GOLD for her solo dance. after, we had soodubu (soft tofu soup) at one of my favorite places, cho dang.

sunday was a chill day at home. it was hot, and foxy couldn't wait to swim. here she is waiting ever so patiently.

of course, on memorial day we took flowers to the graveyard. this particular cemetery is located near the beautiful ko'olau mountains where it is always lush and green. it poured while we were there, but we took that as a blessing.

the veteran memorial cemetery lined with american flags.

post-cemetery, we fueled up (japanese food from maruki tei) before partaking in some memorial day shopping.

we ended the weekend at the beach house...check out the mangoes!!

the absolute best part about a three-day weekend?
the four-day work week that follows!


[oomph] eats. Cafe Lani Hawaii.

during the holidays, i tried several new eateries in town. on this day, we went to Cafe Lani. i had no idea what to expect here, except that [my friend told me] they had all-you-can-eat bread for $4.99. we arrived around 5pm on a weekday and were seated immediately. 

walking into the restaurant is like walking into someone's home. the interior is white based with wooden accents, fun wall prints, couch-like pillows, and oversized lamps. the open floor plan allows you to see the chefs and bakers at work. we were greeted soon after and had excellent service throughout our dinner.

they are known for their unlimited bread for $4.99 with any entree. if you purchase a combo meal, like we did, the unlimited bread is included. this is a meal in itself! it's not just plain bread and butter...there are six different kinds on my plate, plus more that we didn't even get to try + 4 dipping sauces. they come around with a huge tray of breads. you can pick and choose what you want, but our waitress gave us one of everything to try. we were full before our meal arrived!

i ordered the chicken gratin set, $25; chicken gratin with gravy, french onion soup (or clam chowder), salad, and mini Lani pizza. the salad and french onion soup were really good. the gratin was decent, although i really couldn't eat much more at this point. i tasted a couple bites and packed the rest to take home. i took a bite of the cheese pizza, which was ok, but i also packed that to go. (mini-he appreciated that in the morning for breakfast.)

love the decor.
blueberry soda (with grey goose vodka).

my friend ordered the fedelini porcini cream sauce set, $25; porcini cream pasta + the same items as my combo. the pasta was really good. they also had a dessert menu with lots of yummy looking parfaits, but we were so full. next time!

after the fact, i read a lot of mixed reviews...probably more negative than good...complaining about the wait time, the slow service, the all you can eat bread scam, the prices, etc. we had a great experience, and i look forward to trying other things on their menu.

do you like to try new restaurants?
where have you been lately?

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